CD - Sing-Along Songs from Glasses Island - Volume 1 by The Speks

Nursery Rhymes

"Rhymers will be readers - It's that simple," according to Mem Fox the internationally respected literacy expert. In her book Reading Magic she goes on to state that "if children know eight nursery rhymes by the time they are four years of age, they're usually among the best readers by the time they are eight."

Our aim was to produce an acoustic and natural-sounding CD of nursery rhymes and sing-along songs for children that adults would also enjoy. If adults enjoy our Irish music then it is more likely to be played at home and in the classroom, thereby further exposing children to precious nursery rhymes and implicitly helping them on their way to being good readers.

Click on a nursery rhyme in the menu bar to get the lyrics, MP3 downloads and classroom ideas for each track on our CD Sing-Along Songs from Glasses Island - Volume 1 where we briefly explain the arrangement of each nursery rhyme. We also include activities that parents, guardians, teachers or childcare professionals can enjoy with children in an educational context at home or in the classroom.

We hope that all of you enjoy our nursery rhymes and sing-along songs set to Irish music as much as we have enjoyed recording them. It is an honour to see children enjoying our Irish music. We have heard some of our chants being sung in the parks and playgrounds by children and adults alike.

We are continuously developing our repertoire. Please feel free to share your ideas and suggestions with us by sending a message via the form on our Contact Us page. We would love to hear from you.

Sing along and sing aloud!

The Speks