Hiya! We are The Speks and we sing nursery rhymes and kids' songs set to Irish music because we love Irish music!

We live on an island in the middle of the ocean off the coast of Co. Clare, Ireland. It's called Glasses Island because everybody wears glasses here.

Our names are Quince, Naymon, Tommo, Pete, Ed and Rafferty and we love to sing, dance and play Irish music for kids. In fact, we're just like big kids ourselves. We never really grew up...we just grew older.

Sing along and sing aloud!


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If your little ones love fantastic, magical songs with an Irish twist then The Speks are the boys for you. Tom Dunne, Newstalk

I'm impressed with your original idea of using traditional Irish jigs and reels for so many of the songs. Bob Katz, Digital Domain (Winner of 3 Grammy Awards)

Educationally they encompass the all important areas of rhyme, rhythm and repetition - so frequently the missing links for children learning to read. In Touch Magazine, INTO

This collection of sing-along songs and nursery rhymes is set to some expertly played Irish music and is quite charming, especially for younger children. Lahri Bond, Parents' Choice Foundation